Our Journey So Far

September 26, 2020 No Comments

We thought it would be a good idea to give you an update on our journey so far on our mission to live a happier healthy lifestyle.

We originally started this blog in January 2017. Our motivation to start the blog was to make us accountable for our actions. Predominatley we wanted to be fitter and healthier, and of course lose a few pounds along the way.

We started off well, but a whirlwind of a year including a surprise (well to me anyway) marriage proposal and the most amazing wedding a few months later meant that the newly founded blog got little or no attention. Yes we lost weight, but the following year we slipped into bad habits again and found ourselves in the Summer of 2019 at our heaviest and unhealthiest yet.

Role on 2020, and what a year it has been! It took a pandemic to make us realise that our health should be our number one priority.

The lockdown made us both take time out from the normal stress and routine of every day life, and we had the new luxury of time. Cooking healthy meals from scratch became something to look forward too, and no longer a chore. James was able to spend more time cycling, and with the forced pool closures (the only exercise I ever used to do!), I rediscovered my passion for open water swimming. When you can find an activity that you truly love, then it doesn’t feel like exercise at all!

James a year between the two photos.

We have also, in the last few weeks, started water skiing, I’ve started yoga, and we’re hoping to get some paddle boards this winter (when demand is maybe a bit lower than it is now!).

Food wise, we never wanted to ‘diet’. I can’t stand counting and moderating every thing that goes in my mouth. Instead we have adopted a clean eating type format (cook from scratch and avoid processed foods), and largely kept to a reduced carb diet adopting principles from a keto way of eating. (although no food is off the menu!)

Our anniversary in 2019, and 2020.

Now nearly 10 months later, we find ourselves fitter, happier and have shed over 46lbs between us. James is nearly at his ideal weight target. I still have a way to go, but it’s definite steps in the right direction.

We both feel better, healthier and positive for the future. Hope you are all too!

Kerry and James x

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