His Progress- Week #3

Its getting easier!!! and starting to feel like this is actually working for me. I still often crave a takeaway and few cold bottles of Corona, with a slice of lime. However, I am now able to simply put it out of my mind and think of the bigger picture, now that I am seeing real and consistent results.

End of week 3 and overall I am very happy with my progress. Admittedly however, I was slightly disappointed not to have crept into the 13’s for this weeks post. That is probably a good thing though as they do say that controlled weight lose is easier to keep off as apposed to losing too much to quickly (I think they say that or did I just make it up?).

No cheeky takeaway, and certainly no birthday parties to tempt us these past 7 days. This week has seen us finally get our Gym induction done and I’ve even been back a few times since! Ideally I need to be hitting the gym first thing in the morning as that is definitely when I am at my best, I find a 4k run followed by 10k bike ride easier at 7:30am than I do at 7:30pm. Kerry has just challenged me (us) to a 4-week plank test, starting at 1min and then adding 10seconds each day with a few variations along the way. I am actually doing it morning and night – when I get up and just before I go to bed. I did 1min 10sec this morning, I should be able to hold it for over 2 minutes by this time next week.

On the food front, it has been a fairly standard week as far as healthy eating goes, I have started to get more interested in some of the recipe books we have collected over the years. Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) seems to be out a lot and I have found a couple of interesting looking vegetarian burger recipes (just without the bread), so this coming week we will try a few new meals and share those with you next time.

So Here Is Week #3 Progress

My Fav Foods This Week

Breakfast: Continuing our usual green smoothie supercharged with Manuka honey, Chia seeds and now Matcha tea

Lunch: Chorizo, Spinach & Red Onion Omelette / Kerry’s homemade Roasted Red Pepper  soup

Dinner: Cheesy chorizo chicken and spinach from the @thebodycoach recipe book

Snacks: Freshly prepared Fruit salad, drizzled w/ Manuka Honey

Daily Water Consumption: 1.5 – 2L

Alcohol Consumption: 0

Exercise: 3 x 35min Treadmill, 3 x 10km exercise bike, 1hr Badminton. Dog Walking

Weight Loss:  3.5 lbs

Overall Weight Loss: 11.25lbs

11lbs in 3 weeks is a pretty good return. Do I feel better for it? Absolutely, not having the alcohol has meant my quality of sleep is far improved, giving me greater energy for the early morning gym sessions. My skin feels better, and last night while Kerry was out swimming I soaked my feet and read a book! I can’t say I have saved lots of money because eating fresh and healthy food isn’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on your health.


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