His Progress- Week #2

Week #2, has not been as rewarding as week 1, the cravings are still there – although I haven’t given into temptation, or have I……

In a nutshell week 2 has been like a mediocre sequel to a really good film. After a 6lb loss first time around I honestly thought I would be flirting with the lower end of the 14’s for this post, how wrong was I. We had an up and down week, after a good start we went out for a family meal to celebrate our daughters 6th birthday. Her choice was TGI Friday’s  – not the type of establishment that caters too well for the healthy eater. After much deliberation I went for a Crispy Duck Salad which was one of only 3 or 4 options that came in under 700 calories, no dessert or birthday cake though. Back on plan for Friday, then Saturday went a little off piste. Isla’s birthday party at Jump Street, of course I had to participate so that I could supervise properly and had a good workout at the same time. The problem was back home with the party food, and more so the cooked buffet food I laid on for the grown up’s….I don’t think I over indulged but the scales told me otherwise the following morning. Unfortunately the naughtiness didn’t stop there as by the time we had cleaned up the house and got Isla & Oliver to bed neither of us felt like preparing a meal so we did the next best thing and ordered from our favourite Indian takeaway – just a Shashlik and Rice to share (and some poppadoms), so one of the better options from the menu.

Being that it was a family celebration the temptation to pop a bottle of bubbles was always there, fortunately we managed to steer clear. The bottle from New Years Eve is still sat there with the same bottle of wine for company.

Anyway, a loss is a loss. I do feel guilty about Saturdays over indulgence but I will make it up this coming week.

So Here Is Week #2 Progress

My Fav Foods This Week

Breakfast: Kerry’s Green smoothie 

Lunch: Marinated Chicken w/ salad wrapped in a gluten free sweet potato tortilla

Dinner: Homemade Crispy Chilli Beef w/ rice noodles

Snacks: Freshly prepared Fruit salad, drizzled w/ Manuka Honey

Daily Water Consumption: 1.5 – 2L

Alcohol Consumption: 0

Exercise: Squash, Dog Walking, 4,996 daily step average, Jump Street!

Weight Loss:  1.5 lbs

I have got 2 sessions of Spinning booked in for the week ahead and we have also got around to booking our Gym inductions. I’m hoping I can get my running legs back in action on the treadmill ready for some early morning road runs come the spring.


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