His Progress- Week #1

One week into our new venture and I am truly happy with the results of what has been a tough few days. There have been cravings and a lot of temptation, but I am proud of myself for staying true to our goals. Here’s my Week 1 update…

My ideal weight has always been around 13st, this is what I was when I was 30, and what I managed to get back down to around 5 years ago through Running. I am now 40 and my weight has crept back upto the high 14’s, 14st 13lb to be exact when I weighed in on the 2nd January. Referring to the NHS BMI calculator this puts me well and truly into the ‘Obese section’.  I have never brought into the Body Mass Indicator, and still don’t because every person’s body is different. It suggests that even at 13st I would be in the ‘Overweight Category’. If I weighed in at the recommended weight range for my height then 8st 10lb – 11st 11lb is where I should be! I would look ill if I was anywhere near those numbers.

So Here Is Week #1 Progress

My Fav Foods This Week

Breakfast: Kerry’s Green smoothie

Lunch: Spinach and Tomato Fritata

Dinner: Sirloin Steak, Sweet Potato Wedges, Flat Mushrooms stuffed w/ Homemade Pesto and a side of Kale Crisps.

Snacks: Banana Crunch Naked Bars


Daily Water Consumption: 1.5 – 2L

Alcohol Consumption: 0

Exercise: Squash, Dog Walking, 5,205 daily step average, Power Kite flying (does that count?)

Weight Loss: 6 lbs

So this week has been hard but absolutely worth it, to the point I am very proud of what we have achieved so far, not necessarily with the food but the Wine!! I came close to opening up a bottle on Friday evening but will power and the love of a good women curbed that craving.  Having wine and beer in the fridge, not to mention a whole cupboard choka-a-blok full of Christmas goodies is a distraction, but that could be a good thing.  Every time I open the fridge to snack on a grape, there in front of me is the Prosecco we didn’t open on New Years Eve and a shelf of beer. Maybe that is our ‘fat photo’ on the refrigerator door?

A couple of times especially over the weekend I would find myself getting Hangry (Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger) and take it out on those around me, but once the kids had gone to bed and Kerry and I had eaten we would get comfortable on the sofa with our freshly prepared Fruit Salad (drizzled with Manuka Honey as a treat) and get into a Box Set.  Watching seasons 2 & 3 of Game of thrones this past week has certainly helped take my mind of any cravings.

I am looking forward to the week ahead, purely for the weigh in next Monday, I don’t expect another 6 lbs loss, maybe 3-4 but who knows?


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