Her Progress- Week #3

Week 3 of our new healthy lifestyle and I think finally I am starting to notice a real difference. I’ve had positive comments about my skin, my jeans are feeling a bit looser and I’m down a hole on my belt and also seeing some success on the scales this week.

This week I finally started introducing some more exercise into my life, as I seem to have much more energy. I managed to go swimming 3 times, the first time of which I managed 80 lengths as the pool was nice and quiet. James also dragged me along to a spinning class, which I actually really enjoyed although my legs were extremely wobbly afterwards. Unfortunately I doubt I’ll be able to do it every week as I normally work on a Wednesday, but I will try to squeeze it in when I can. We also had our gym induction. It confirmed how much I hate the treadmill, but I did enjoy the cross trainer and I also started some core exercises.  I hadn’t realised but I have absolutely no tone or strength in my stomach muscles since having the kids, so this is definitely something I will continue to work on. I hope to do daily core exercises to strengthen my abdominal and lower back muscles.

Food wise we haven’t really tried a lot of new things and have mainly stuck to stir fries and salads. We did however try a recipe from the @thebodycoach recipe book and it was delicious! So more will come from there in the future. Lunch has been soup or sweet potato wraps with chicken and salad. Our treat every day is still a fruit salad drizzled with a little honey which we have of an evening whilst watching Game of Thrones.  On the whole it’s been a positive week, and with only 2 weeks to go before I turn 40, I’m determined to smash it this forthcoming week as well.


So Here Is Week #3 Progress

My Fav Foods This Week

Breakfast: Continuing my usual green smoothie supercharged with Manuka honey and Chia seeds and now with added Matcha tea

Lunch: Curried Sweet Potato Soup

Dinner: Cheesy chorizo chicken and spinach from the @thebodycoach recipe book

Snacks: Fruit salad with drizzled Manuka honey


Daily Water Consumption: about 2L a day

Alcohol Consumption: 0 units

Exercise: 1x2000m swim; 2x1600m swim; 45 min spinning class and gym induction with 35 mins cardio and core exercises.

Weight Loss: 3 1/2 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 10.5 lbs

I am super chuffed with these results, as it feels like I am really getting somewhere. Although it shouldn’t matter what the scales say, I cant help feeling more motivated when I’ve had a good loss. We are going to New York in 2-weeks time, and I would absolutely love it if I can lose a whole stone by then, just 3.5 lbs to go.

Wish me luck!

Kerry x

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