Her Progress- Week #2

2 weeks into our new healthy lifestyle and it’s been a funny old week. A good week in more ways than one, but not so good on the healthy eating mission.

The beginning of the week saw good news, an all clear from my suspected skin cancer diagnosis, and hopefully an end to the shadow that had been hanging over me for the previous 4 weeks. Following that my dad had his all clear 5 years on from being diagnosed with bowel cancer, and we celebrated my eldest’s 6th birthday. Ordinarily any of those would have been an excuse to reach for a bottle of bubbly, but we refrained.

We ate out at a restaurant on Thursday for Isla’s birthday. I knew it wasn’t a ‘healthy’ restaurant, but I was shocked to see that only 4 things on their menu had the below 700 kcal sticker, and one of them was a side dish! Both me and James choose the best we could, sticking to the salad section and sharing a bottle of mineral water.

Thursday and Friday I mainly baked in preparation for Isla’s little tea party she wanted for her girl friends from school. I baked macarons, cupcakes and a birthday cake as well as making decorations for the cakes from chocolate and candy melts.  Whilst I didn’t eat any cake, I did have to taste test the macarons and there were several licks of spoons and fingers.  Saturday, the day of the party went to pot really, as I was just simply not organised for us and was focusing on the party for Isla.

I’ve stayed off the alcohol and caffeine, and despite having sugar during baking, I’ve managed to avoid wheat and gluten. 80% of the time we have stuck to our basic clean eating principles and avoided processed food.

The headaches and fatigue have gone, and I’m not missing the caffeine now, but I still haven’t managed to squeeze in any exercise. Unfortunately, I think all the little bits of sugar licked from the spoon may have taken their toll, as progress is not so good on the scales this week, although my jeans do feel a little loser.

So Here Is Week #2 Progress

My Fav Foods This Week

Breakfast: Continuing my usual green smoothie supercharged with Manuka honey and Chia seeds

Lunch: Rainbow quinoa salad

Dinner: My Moroccan meatballs, they’re a family favourite

Snacks: Apple slices with cashew butter

Daily Water Consumption: about 2L a day

Alcohol Consumption: 0 units

Exercise: Only walking the dog, but also managed a longer walk with the kids on Sunday

Weight Loss: 3/4 lb

I can’t pretend I’m not disappointed. Yes I wasn’t as good as I could have been, but we still ate so much better than we have done previously.  However, I also have to keep reminding myself that we aren’t doing a crash diet or get fit quick scheme. We are making lifestyle changes, and sometimes in life there will be birthday parties, celebrations and occasions where I’m not so organised. But that’s life, and whilst I will continue to try and make healthier choices about what I put into my body, life is for living.

I’m determined to have a good week this week, and kick start the exercise regime, I just need to find some leggings that don’t have holes in them!

Wish me luck!

Kerry x

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