Her Progress-Week #1

So we started our new healthy lifestyle a week ago. Well just under to be fair as it didn’t really start until the 2nd due to poor organisation. Considering it’s only really been 6 days, I’m am very pleased with the results so far.

I have always been a big girl, and always weighed much more than I look, and that doesn’t really bother me. However at the beginning of this year I was just over 17st and my heaviest non-pregnant weight, which is not acceptable. I can’t even blame it on having the kids either, as I’ve been 2 stone lighter since having them. No, this was purely down to over indulgence, lack of exercise and bad eating habits. Last year I started wearing size 18 clothes, and whilst I don’t care how much I weigh, I would like to get back into my size 14 jeans to be more body confident.

So last week I started with enthusiasm, determined to make some positive changes to my lifestyle. Not just to loose weight, but to give me more energy, less bloating, less aches and generally make myself feel better inside and out.

The key to sticking to any new eating habits is organisation, without it you are just setting yourself up to fail. I spent a lot of time last week looking at recipes, meal planning, food shopping, food prepping and bulk cooking to the point where I’m a bit sick of it. Luckily I wasn’t at work so had the time, and hopefully the work done last week will benefit us this week and next as we have a fridge and freezer full of nutritious food.

I also decided as well as cutting out alcohol, drinking more water and eating a more clean diet that I personally would also cut out gluten and caffeine. Not permanently but as a sort of detox. I know gluten tends to make me bloat which is my thought behind that, and I drink far too much tea!

I love a cup of tea, always have done. However since working more from home I worked out I was consuming around 15 cups a day. When you work out the caffeine content it’s astonishing. So I thought it’s about time I gave my body a break.

I would be lying if I said this week has been easy. It hasn’t. As well as the obvious cravings, dealing with eating out at the weekend for a family birthday and not giving into temptation, I have also not felt great.  I was not  prepared for the detox effects. I had a banging headache behind my eyes for nearly 4 days, and my body ached. Especially my lower back and legs to the point where on day 5 I was really painful and uncomfortable and couldn’t stand or sit for long in one place. As a result the exercise hasn’t really started for me.

So has it been worth it? Yes, definitely. I’ve enjoyed the food we’ve been eating, and am eating more than I ever have before. Day 7 the aches and pains are gone, the fuzzy head has cleared, I feel less bloated, my ankles no longer are swollen at the end of the day and I was delighted to see what the scales said this morning.

So Here Is Week #1 Progress

My Fav Foods This Week

Breakfast: My usual green smoothie supercharged with Manuka honey and Chia seeds

Lunch: Baked avocado with smoked salmon and eggs

Dinner: Oven baked salmon topped with homemade pesto with steamed rice and veg

Snacks: Veg sticks with homemade red pepper hummus

Daily Water Consumption: about 2L a day

Alcohol Consumption: 0 units (proud of this one)

Exercise: Only walking the dog

Weight Loss: 6 1/4 lbs

So I’m feeling good, proud of myself for sticking with it and energised for the week ahead. The detox will continue, and we will continue to eat well loosely following clean eating principles, but not denying ourselves too much. I also want to get back in the pool next week, and try to do 10k steps a day as a minimum, as a start back into exercise.

Wish me luck!

Kerry x

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