About Us

We are James and Kerry, and are a couple (not married-yet!) that have been together for 9 years.  Between us we have 3 beautiful children.

We are very happy and content with our family life and each other, but that’s part of the problem.

After several years of leading a very content lifestyle, our waistlines and health have suffered, and we both find ourselves knocking on 40s door at our heaviest and unhealthiest. Whilst the size of our clothing doesn’t define us as people and hasn’t had an impact on our mental wellbeing, it does need to be addressed.

A recent health scare has made us both re-evaluate what’s important. We still want to enjoy life and enjoy the odd takeaway or cheeky glass of vino, but our priority is now to be healthier, happier and exist on this planet for as long as humanly possible to see our children grow.

So this blog was born. Like our journey to a new healthier versions of ourselves, we are doing this together. It is to make us accountable for our actions, keep us focused and motivated and hopefully be a source of inspiration to others who want to follow a similar path to an improved lifestyle.

We’re not going to do fad diets, or get fit quick schemes. We are in this for the long haul, and want to make positive long term changes to our lives by simply making better choices for our bodies.

Hopefully in doing that we can lead a healthier and happier existence and drop a few lbs along the way. As let’s face it we both have more than just A Couple To Lose!

Kerry and James x

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