5 Reasons Why Dry January is a Great Idea

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We all know that laying off the booze for a while is good for us, but if you need some more persuasion to jump on the bandwagon then here are 5 reasons why Dry January is a great idea.

Both me and James have always enjoyed a drink at the weekend. However, like a lot of parents I imagine, we have fallen into the trap of having a couple of glasses of wine most evenings after the kids have gone to bed, and often more at the weekends.  It seems harmless enough at the time, but it does get to the stage where you look forward to that glass of wine, or the evenings just aren’t quite the same without it.

As part of our quest for a healthier lifestyle, obviously we have to tackle the subject of alcohol.  We don’t want to give up alcohol for good, we enjoy having a glass of wine, but we are going to try and give it up for January as a start.  It turns out there a few reasons why giving up alcohol for a few weeks is good for us. So if you fancy joining us here are 5 reasons why Dry January is a great idea.

5 Reasons Why Dry January is a Great Idea

You Sleep Better

Everyone knows when you’ve had a drink you don’t sleep well. Sure you can drop off to sleep at a moments notice, but it’s not proper sleep and you still feel shattered in the morning.  Having alcohol free days mean you have better quality sleep, and as a result better energy levels the following day.

You Look Better

We all know alcohol is full of empty calories, which is never going to be good for your waistline.  It also causes dehydration which is not good for your complexion.  Have you ever heard of wine face? No? Neither had I. Turns out my seemingly innocent glass of wine is trying to age me prematurely. Alcohol can cause droopy eyelids, increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrate skin, enlarge pores and give your skin a reddish tone.  Not to mention the lack of restful sleep is likely to add to those bags under your eyes. Arghh!

The Health Benefits

Alcohol has been linked to 7 different types of cancer as an increase risk factor. So obviously cutting down on your alcohol consumption reduces the risk. Alcohol can also cause liver damage.  The good news is your liver has a massive capacity for regeneration. That means if you haven’t irreversibly damaged your liver yet, 4-6weeks after giving up alcohol your liver will return to normal. Lowering your alcohol intake also significantly reduces your risk of stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Better Social Life

This may sound like an oxymoron, as most people associated alcohol as a social thing. However alcohol can have a negative effect on our personal lives. Cancelling occasions due to hangovers, changing plans around whether you can drink or not,  not to mention the effect of hungover irritability can have on on nearest and dearest.

Money Saving

Think how much money you can save! Alcohol is not cheap, and really is a luxury product and not a necessary expense. So if you only drink say 2 bottles of wine a week, or go to the pub after work for a few pints and few times, you could be saving nearly £100 a month. That’s the equivalent to a family gym membership which is much better for you and the rest of the family.

So my question to you, is why not give it up? Just for a month? Think of all the benefits. In a months’ time you could feel amazing with loads of energy, be healthier, thinner, look younger and have some spare cash in your pocket. That’s all got to be better than a hangover any day.

For more information about alcohol and drinking responsible visit Drinkaware.

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